$500,000 Verdict to Middle School Principal After Botched Surgery

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March 11, 2016
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Helen Jones
Executive Vice President 

Former winner of Connecticut’s “Middle School Principal of the Year” was awarded approximately $500,000 in damages in a medical malpractice suit arising from a gynecological surgery that went wrong.

In March 2011, Johnna Hunt underwent a dilation and curettage procedure, also known as a D&C. A D&C is a routine outpatient procedure done to clear tissue from the uterus. Hunt’s long time physician, John Kaczmarek of Specialists in Women’s Healthcare, performed the surgery. During the procedure, Dr. Kaczmarek made an improper cut into Hunt’s uterus, which caused her to hemorrhage. Despite obvious signs of post-surgery bleeding, Hunt was allowed to leave the Women’s Healthcare facility. Hours later, Hunt was rushed to Waterbury Hospital with excruciating abdominal pain.

At the hospital, Dr. Kaczmaek performed an emergency hysterectomy on Hunt to stem the bleeding. Eventually another surgeon was able to stop the bleeding by performing an arterial ligation. Thereafter, Hunt spent several days in the hospital followed by a six-week recovery at home.

At trial, the expert for Hunt opined that Dr. Kaczmaek should have been aware that the surgery did not go well because Kaczmarek’s post-surgery notes mentioned moderate bleeding. The expert further testified that, under the circumstances, the medical standard of care would have been to perform a diagnostic laparoscopy to ensure there was no internal hemorrhaging.

After a three-week trial the jury awarded Hunt $495,734 in damages, including $450,000 for noneconomic damages.

The case is: Johnna Hunt et al. v. Specialists in Women’s Healthcare P.C. & John Kaczmarek M.D.

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