Auto Accidents Resulting in Injury on the Rise

California Family Files Wrongful Death Suit After a Hit-and-Run Accident
July 1, 2016
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Claims bring in a $2 Million Settlement for Nine Pennsylvania Turnpike Workers
November 7, 2016

With around six million accidents and two million permanent injuries per year, auto accidents affect a staggering portion of the population and are the leading cause of TBI and spinal cord injuries. With the development of new, interactive apps and distracted driving on the rise, those numbers are growing. Electronic devices and the ability to text, email and download music on the go substantially contribute to the distraction. Distraction “latency” lasts an average of 27 seconds, indicating that even after drivers put down the phone or stop using with the navigation system, they still may not be fully engaged and focused on driving.

Texting and driving is now banned in 45 states. Of the 4 states without an all-driver texting ban, two prohibit text messaging by novice drivers and one restricts school bus drivers from texting. While this is a good start, we must all be diligent in making sure we are focused on the road as both a driver and passenger.

If you have clients that are involved in personal injury lawsuits as a result of an auto accident, it can lead to significant financial burden for the plaintiff. Many auto cases do not settle quickly and if the client is unable to work, bills may pile up, adding stress to the already-injured party. Plaintiff Support is here to help with a responsible funding option to see them through the hardship, allowing you to focus on getting the client the maximum recovery. Please call us today at 1-800-352-9676 to see how we can help.

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