Mother Seeks $40 Million from Homeowners and Party Guests over Daughter’s Drowning

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Max Kellogg
Legal Staff Writer

On June 14, 2016, Alla Lipina-Skyba filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn, New York, against the owners of a Hampton Bays house, Laura Edith Kreft and Daniel and Linda Finer, as well as over 100 individuals who were guests at the home, for their alleged role in the drowning of her daughter, Olya Lipina.

Almost two years prior, on July 9, 2014, Olya, then 29 years old, attended a party at the Hampton Bays house. The next day, as the party was ending, her body was discovered floating in the pool. A friend of Olya called 911, but she was dead before emergency crews could arrive. Police reports provided that Olya’s death was accidental and that she was alone in the pool when she died.

Olya’s mother, Alla Lipina-Skyba, filed suit against the homeowners and guests, seeking $10 million for each cause of action in the complaint—wrongful death, personal injury and conscious pain and suffering. In the case, Alla asserts that negligence caused Olya to become so inebriated that she could drown because the homeowners supplied the alcohol, and the owners and guests knew or should have known Olya was drunk when she entered the pool. According to Alla, everyone failed “to respond to and/or seek appropriate aid or assistance for Olya Lipina.”

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