$3 Million Settlement For Worker Injured in Freight Elevator Accident

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November 30, 2015
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December 15, 2015

Helen Jones
Executive Vice President 

On August 14, 2015, a $3 million settlement was reached between Hatfield Quality Meats, Inc. and 33-year-old plumber and pipefitter, James Levering. In 2012, Levering was working at the Hatfield plant when the 600-pound closing doors of a freight elevator crushed his left hand. The incident left Levering unable to work in any skilled trades after his injured hand developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy and complex regional pain syndrome. Plaintiff’s attorney argued that the defendant had been aware for several years that the freight elevator was causing injuries and yet took no action. Additionally, Plaintiff argued that the elevator did not meet ANSI safety standards which mandated that freight elevators must have a strap both inside and outside; the elevator in question only had an outside strap, forcing riders to reach between the doors to close the elevator. The $3 million settlement is further broken down into $96,605 paid by Hatfield Quality Meats, Inc.; $1 million paid by Scottsdale Insurance Co.; $1.4 million by Markel Services Inc.; and $500,000 by Erie Insurance Co.

The case is: Levering v. Hatfield Quality Meats Case No. 002819.

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