Jones Act

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The Jones Act

Also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, the Jones Act is federal legislation that gives seamen a method of recovery if they become injured or sick while performing their duties at sea. To qualify as a seaman, federal courts have held that a person be: commissioned for duty aboard a vessel that is traveling in waters capable of being used for interstate commerce; performing a task that is related to the vessel’s purpose; and on the vessel for a significant amount of time.* Injuries caused by unsafe conditions, employer or vessel negligence or exposure to harmful substances while working at sea may give you a cause of action.

If you are actively pursuing a claim under the Jones Act you may qualify for funding from Plaintiff Support to help you pay everyday expenses.

*Federal court interpretation of qualifications under the Jones Act differs depending on jurisdiction. If you are seeking to pursue a claim under the Jones Act, you should consult your attorney to see if you qualify.


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