Jury Rejects $2.5 Million Claim Stemming from Train Accident

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July 27, 2015
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Helen Jones
VP of Underwriting at Plaintiff Support Services

An Albany, NY jury took less than 30 minutes to award nothing to a plaintiff who was seeking $2.5 million after being involved in a train accident. Train conductor, Thomas Eastep, was working on board a train in 2010 when it collided with a tractor-trailer at a crossing. The trucker and the trucking company admitted negligence and fault for the crash, and offered a settlement at approximately $125,000. However, Eastep decided to move forward to trial to seek a larger reward from the court, claiming the accident aggravated past injuries which resulted in him not being able to work. The most damaging testimony against Eastep was that of a co-worker. An engineer, who was in the same compartment as Eastep at the time of the accident, claimed that the impact felt in the compartment was miniscule, contradicting Eastep’s claim that the force of the collision resulted in his injuries. Eastep is currently considering an appeal.

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