$4.5 Million to Plaintiff in Wright Medical Technologies Hip Implant Lawsuit

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May 26, 2015
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Helen Jones
Executive Vice President 

On June 12, 2015, a jury in Los Angeles County delivered a $4.5 million verdict in favor of plaintiff Alan Warner and his wife in a suit against Wright Medical Technologies, Inc. The suit arose after Warner received one of Wright Medical’s hip transplant products, the Profemur R implant, which fractured in 2010 and resulted in the need for numerous addition surgeries. The award consisted of $4 million for past and future pain and suffering and $500,000 to Warner’s wife for loss of consortium. The jury found that although Wright Medical was not negligent in designing the implant, the defect occurred during the manufacturing process, reportedly due to laser etching which caused the product to fracture. Wright Medical is expected to pursue an appeal.

This case is the first amongst over 1,000 cases pending against Wright Medical for injuries stemming from the company’s hip implant products. Although many of these pending claims involve implants other than the Profemur R, this verdict has set a high bar for plaintiffs moving forward.

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