Client Testimonials

  • Mary P.
    "Wow! What would I have done without this company? I’ve been struggling for almost a year now and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much."
    Mary P.
  • Noel B.
    "Preferred Plaintiff Support has helped me maintain my life and taking care of my newborn son as I go through divorce."
    Noel B.
  • Juanell R.
    "I was without housing and transportation until Preferred Plaintiff Support helped."
    Juanell R.
  • Brandon M.
    "I really like how fast [the] service is. I can truly say that you guys at Preferred Plaintiff Support come through every time I need you."
    Brandon M.
  • Thaddues F.
    "Preferred Plaintiff Support has done exactly what it proclaims to do, which is help me in a time of need. Unable to earn [money] due to physical injury, I have been assisted in paying monthly bills while my case progresses."
    Thaddues F.
  • Donald C.
    They are great. They really helped when I needed them, thank you.
    Donald C.
  • Charlie P.
    "This is a "Christmas Miracle." My car was repossessed. My wife's cancer came back. Social security does not pay anything to live on—you guys are truly angels in disguise. How can I ever thank you!"
    Charlie P.
  • Holli S.
    "The past couple of years I've struggled to keep my head above water and now with unfortunate circumstances and unexpected expenses it's more like I'm drowning in debt & pain. With the help of Preferred Plaintiff Support, I will be able to get back on track by getting out of debt, rent a home and provide for my family."
    Holli S.
  • John T.
    "You have been very helpful. I have been paying $25 a day to go to work and back, and now I can get my truck fixed."
    John T.
  • Tiffany A.
    "Preferred Plaintiff Support really helped me and my family out a great deal, with being behind on bills and housing, to having no food to feed by family, to needing a car to go back to work. Just one phone call to Preferred Plaintiff Support and I was able to take care of everything."
    Tiffany A.
  • Joseph E.
    "Your services help me out a lot. My wife lost her job and this really helped with the bills and other stuff. My lawyer is going to recommend you to all clients."
    Joseph E.
  • Kashandra C.
    "I've borrowed against my settlement and don't mind having to pay the lien and interest back because if it were not for you [Preferred Plaintiff Support], I honestly would be outdoors and my kids would be starving. It's imperative to keep my head above water."
    Kashandra C.
  • Loretta Y.
    "My son and I were almost ready to have a house to move into. When I went to get electric turned on I was told I had a past due of $250 and $345 for the deposit. I was unable to come up with that amount. So my attorney discussed this with me and this service was able to provide me [with the money] and our home was now ready to move in. If this service was not available we would have been homeless. So I thank you so much."
    Loretta Y.
  •  Kenneth
    “My family and I literally depend on the cash that I receive from Preferred Plaintiff Support Services for survival. Thanks to Preferred Plaintiff Support, I was able to send money to my family in Las Vegas and pay for my living expenses while I recuperate from my injuries and wait for the resolution of my worker’s compensation claim and the conclusion of my lawsuit.”
  • Gayle
    “Preferred Plaintiff Support is ALWAYS there, even after hours and weekends if need be. They get the job done. They have been my guardian angel and I will never forget what Preferred Plaintiff Support Services has done for me and my family. They will always be in my prayers for life. Thank you.”
  • Cynthia J.
    “I really can’t express how grateful I am for Preferred Plaintiff Support’s help. They were always there to turn to for help when times got really rough. It is nice to know that there are people like those at Preferred Plaintiff Support who really care.”
    Cynthia J.
  • Robert & Linda C.
    “We really want to thank Preferred Plaintiff Support for being there for our family. With their help, we have been able to keep from losing our home, since this is the only income we have at this time. Without Preferred Plaintiff Support, we’re not sure what we could have done. Thanks for being there and for caring.”
    Robert & Linda C.