Attorney Funding FAQs

1Who can apply for lawsuit financing?
Plaintiffs and potential plaintiffs who have not filed claims, but are represented by attorneys, are eligible for lawsuit financing.
2What are the minimum and maximum advances plaintiffs can obtain through lawsuit financing with Preferred Plaintiff Support?
Preferred Plaintiff Support will advance as little as $500 and a maximum of $100,000 in lawsuit financing.
3What can my client use personal injury funding for?
Your client can use personal injury funding to pay their mortgage or rent, utility bills, tuition, groceries, and any other basic or necessary living expense. And if your client doesn’t have health insurance, they don’t have to worry. Personal injury funds can even help pay for surgery and other medical procedures.
4Is personal injury funding a loan?
No. Funding from Preferred Plaintiff Support is not a personal injury loan, lawsuit loan, or plaintiff financing. Instead, it is simply non-recourse funding to help your clients pay for basic living expenses or medical treatment while waiting for their case to be resolved. If the case is lost, your client owes us nothing!
5What role does Preferred Plaintiff Support assume in connection with the case?
None. Preferred Plaintiff Support never interferes in the personal injury litigation process. However, many personal injury attorneys have found that their cases are resolved more effectively when given the appropriate time to develop.
6How long does it take for my client to receive lawsuit funding?

We do everything we can to give your clients access to the funding they need as quickly and responsibly as possible. In fact, once approved, we can often get the check in the mail in as few as 24 hours.

Preferred Plaintiff Support can also work with you and your clients to provide funds as they are needed to cover living expenses—either monthly, or as a one-time funding.

7What does Preferred Plaintiff Support charge for lawsuit funding?
At Preferred Plaintiff Support, we are proud to offer the lowest cost of funding in the industry. Of course, as a reputable plaintiff lawsuit funding company, we are committed to responsible funding so your clients are not overfunded. We will show you the exact cost of using funds, as well as any associated fees.
8What are the fees associated with plaintiff funding?
Plaintiffs are required to pay a small processing and case monitoring fee only if and when funds are successfully recovered (for pre-settlement funding).
9How will my client pay you if the case is lost?
Preferred Plaintiff Support offers non-recourse funding, which means your client owes us nothing if the case is lost.
10Can my client pre-pay the funding before the case settles?
Absolutely, yes. The funding can be paid back anytime prior to the case settling.
11What if the case takes a long time to settle? Is there a limit on how long the funding can be outstanding?
There is no limit on how long the funding can be outstanding. Whether it takes six months or three years for the case to resolve, the client is under no obligation to repay the funding until resolution.
12Who can I talk to about applying?

Contact Preferred Plaintiff Support by filling out the Quick Start Form to apply for plaintiff funding.

You can also contact us toll-free at 1-800-352-9676.