Plaintiff Funding FAQs

1What is pre-settlement funding?
Pre-settlement funding provides plaintiffs with the financial support they need while waiting for their personal injury case to be resolved. Learn more about pre-settlement funding.
2Is pre-settlement lawsuit funding a loan?
No. Lawsuit funding, also known as pre-settlement financing, is not a lawsuit loan, settlement loan, or lawsuit financing. It is simply funding to help you cover the cost of emergencies and general living expenses while you’re waiting for a pending personal injury case to be resolved. If your case is lost, then you owe Preferred Plaintiff Support nothing.
3How much lawsuit funding can I get?
The amount of lawsuit funding you can get depends on your particular case. However, we will work with you and your personal injury attorney to ensure you have fast access to the funding you need to meet your basic living expenses.
4How long will it take to get pre-settlement funding?
Once approved, a check is in the mail in as few as 24 hours.
5What will it cost me?
There are no upfront or out-of-pocket costs and you don’t have to pay Preferred Plaintiff Support until your personal injury case is successfully resolved. Once that happens, processing and case monitoring fee, as well as a low monthly rate on your account. At Preferred Plaintiff Support, we are proud to offer one of the lowest cost of funding in the industry. And remember, if your case is lost, you owe us nothing.
6What can I use case funding for?
Lawsuit funding can help you pay for basic living expenses, such as your mortgage or rent, tuition, utilities and groceries. It can even help pay for surgery and other medical procedures—so you don’t have to worry about health insurance or getting the care you need to recover.
7What types of personal injury cases does Preferred Plaintiff Support fund?
Preferred Plaintiff Support funds most personal injury cases, including:
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Labor Law / FELA / Jones Act
  • Class Action / Mass torts
  • Product Liability Claims
Learn more about the cases that qualify for plaintiff funding.
8Does Preferred Plaintiff Support get involved in my case?
No. That is strictly between you and your personal injury attorney. Preferred Plaintiff Support plays absolutely no part in case strategy or management.
9How do I get started?
All it takes is 30 seconds. Simply fill out the Quick Start Form to apply for plaintiff funding.

You can also contact us toll-free at 1-800-352-9676 or by email.