Lawsuit Funding Options

A variety of funding options

In our commitment to providing our clients with the best service in the industry, Preferred Plaintiff Support can give you the financial support you need through multiple funding options.

  • Pre- and Post-Settlement solutions
  • Lump sum and monthly funding options
  • Funding via check, Western Union or wire

Preferred Plaintiff Support offers pre-settlement funding with the option of an upfront lump-sum payment or monthly rolling fundings. Monthly rolling fundings provide you the ability to receive funding on a monthly basis instead of in a lump sum, which results in a lower repayment cost on the funding.

For example, we can approve you for a monthly rolling funding of $6,000 and you would receive $1,000 per month for six months, rather than in a lump-sum payment of $6,000. Should the case settle in 4 months, you have the option to stop the future monthly rolling funding and repay the funding and fees on only $4,000 (rather than $6,000). This will also help you to budget your finances so you have a clear picture of what you are able to spend each month.

Once your funding application is approved and your agreement is fully executed, we will overnight the funds to you by check or we can wire the funding.

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